Akash Guidebook

Additional Information

Config Files

Akash Node configurations are found within these files:

Cosmos Specific Configuration


Tendermint Specific Configuration


Akash Networks

Within this guide the Akash mainnet is used and as specified in the AKASH_NET value. To launch a node on the testnet or edgenet and for additional network information, use this guide.

State Pruning

There are several strategies for pruning state, please be aware that this is only for state and not for block storage:
  1. 1.
    default: the last 100 states are kept in addition to every 500th state; pruning at 10 block intervals
  2. 2.
    nothing: all historic states will be saved, nothing will be deleted (i.e. archiving node)
  3. 3.
    everything: all saved states will be deleted, storing only the current state; pruning at 10 block intervals
  4. 4.
    custom: allow pruning options to be manually specified through pruning-keep-recent, pruning-keep-every, and pruning-interval
You can configure the node's pruning strategy at start time with the --pruning or by configuring the app.toml file.
Validator Node Pruning Note** -** please do not use --pruning everything on validator nodes as it is known to cause issues. Instead use --pruning default.