Akash Guidebook

STEP2 - Add Akash Install Location in the User’s Path

Add the Akash install location to the user’s path for ease of use.
NOTE - below we provide the steps to add the Akash install directory to a user’s path on a Linux Ubuntu server. Please take a look at a guide for your operating system and how to add a directory to a user’s path.

Open User’s Path Settings in an Editor

vi /etc/environment

View Current Path Settings

  • It is always best practice to view the path within a text editor or cat it out to console prior to the update to avoid errors.
  • Example file:

Add the Akash Executable Path

  • Add the following directory, which is the Akash install location, to PATH
  • Note - this assumes Akash was installed while logged in as the root user.

Post Update Path Settings


Activate New Path Settings

  • Make the new path active in the current session
    . /etc/environment

Verify New Path Settings and Akash Install

  • Display the version of Akash software installed. This confirms the software installed and that the new user path addition worked.
    akash version
  • Expected result (version displayed may be different)
root@ip-10-0-10-146:~# akash version