Akash Guidebook

STEP9 - Blockchain Snapshot Use

We could let our node catch up to the current block but this would take a very long time. Instead we will download a snapshot of the blockchain before starting our node.
NOTE - at the time of this writing the snapshot is 200GB and could take some time to pull down.

Remove Existing Data

rm -rf ~/.akash/data; \
mkdir -p ~/.akash/data; \
cd ~/.akash

Download Snapshot

NOTE - in the Example Steps provided below a specific snapshot version is used (12992214). In your use the current/latest snapshot version should be used. The latest Akash snapshot version - made available via Polkachu - can be found here. Replace all references to example snapshot version 12992214 with the current/latest version found on this site.

Example Steps

wget -O akash_12992214.tar.lz4 https://snapshots.polkachu.com/snapshots/akash/akash_12992214.tar.lz4 --inet4-only
apt-get install lz4
lz4 -d akash_12992214.tar.lz4
tar -xvf akash_12992214.tar