Network Configuration

The network for Phase 2 of the Akashian challenge will not be a decentralized launch and validator set like Phase 1. After having proven the ability of the validator set to launch and maintain the network in a decentralized fashion in Phase 1, we are moving on to testing the actual funcationality of the network in Phases 2 and 3. This configuration will make it possible for the Akash team to ship bug fixes and features to the network without requiring all network participants to upgrade independently. This should make for a much smoother testnet experience where participants can focus on learning and testing the core functionality of the Akash Network.

The instructions for the three weeks of Phase 2 are linked here:

Other useful links for this testnet phase:

With that in mind the network topology for Phase 2 is as follows:

Network Topology


The Akash Network development team will be running the validator set in a VPC that is not connected to the open internet. Users will be able to access the validator set through the sentry nodes.


The Akash team will be running a number of sentries. These sentries will be available at the following addresses for p2p communication:

NOTE: If you would like to run a full and connect to the network via p2p please follow this guide.

seeds = `,,,,,

If you would just like to use the provided RPC endpoints to send transactions and query the network the following endpoints will be maintained throughout Phase 2:


You can use one of the above addresses to configure your akashctl to use it: akashctl config node {{node-addr}}


The Akash team is also maintaining a faucet that will enable users who weren't in the genesis file to join the testnet. That faucet is available at You will just need an address generated by akashctl keys add <mykey> to use the facuet and instructions are available on