Akash Guidebook

Kava RPC Node Deployment

Create a Kava RPC Node as an Akash Deployment

  • Within the Akash Console template gallery, locate the Kava card and select the Deploy Now option
  • Proceed with the deployment of the Kava Node by selecting the Deploy Now option
  • Assign the Deployment an appropriate name and then click Review SDL
  • The Kava RPC Node snapshot is updated every 24 hours and must be changed in the Akash SDL
  • Obtain the latest snapshot URL here. Find the DOWNLOAD hyperlink > right click > and Copy Link Address.
  • Replace the snapshot URL in the field highlighted in the depiction below with the new URL. Ensure the - SNAPSHOT_URL= portion of the field is left in place followed by the actual URL such as:
  • Select Save & Close when this single Akash SDL update is in place.
  • Proceed by selecting Create Deployment
  • The Akash Console will conduct necessary pre-deployment verifications to ensure that a wallet is connected with sufficient funds and that a certificate exists to communicate with the deployment
  • If all pre-deployment checks pass, select the Next option to proceed
  • A Keplr wallet prompt will display requesting approval of a small blockchain fee to proceed with deployment creation
  • Select the Approve option to proceed
  • The Akash open marketplace displays available cloud providers to deploy your Kava RPC Node on
  • Select the cloud provider of your preference
  • Once the cloud provider is selected, select the Submit Deploy Request option
NOTE - the cloud providers available for your deployment may be different than those shown in the example below
  • Accept the Keplr prompt to approve small blockchain fee for lease creation with the selected cloud provider

Kava RPC Node Deployment Complete

  • When the deployment of the Kava RPC Node is complete and live on the selected cloud provider, a verification screen will display
  • Proceed to the Kava RPC Node Health Check section to conduct a health/status check of the node