Akash Guidebook

IP Leases Features and Limitations

IP Leases Features

  • Option for Tenants to request publicly routable IP addresses for the services they deploy
  • IP Lease can be ordered as part of a deployment
  • Opens new deployment opportunities dependent: on
    • Static public IP address
    • Static port mappings
  • Allows use of all ports (1-65535 range)

IP Leases Limitations

  • If a deployment is updated the IP lease is retained. However if the lease is closed the IP address is not retained and the reservation of the IP address is lost.
  • IP Leases is only valid for inbound communications. Any communication initiated from within the deployment outbound will utilize a shared IP address from the provider. However and based on the nature of TCP communications, responses to inbound initiated traffic will use the IP Leases address.
  • An IP lease may be migrated to another deployment as detailed in this section. Using a migration it would be possible to transfer the IP lease to a new deployment and preserve the reserved address.
  • If a deployment is closed and moved to another provider there is no means to maintain or migrate the leased IP address
  • Not all providers offer the IP Leases and is currently limited to providers using MetalLB. However some providers might use alternative, custom load balancers such as keepalive-vip.