Akash Guidebook

Getting Started with the CLI Booster

Our use of the Akash CLI Booster begins by downloading the application.
Ensure the following steps have been completed prior:
  • Install Akash CLI which is covered here.
  • Create a new wallet or import a pre-existing wallet. New wallet creation steps are covered here.

Clone Repo

git clone https://github.com/arno01/akash-tools.git


Start the tool with these quick steps.
cd akash-tools/cli-booster
. akash.source
  • Select account that should be used for deployments and/or other activities from list
  • Example prompt shown below. In this case only one account is available in the keyring and we could press accept the default list number of “0” by pressing enter with no change.
Available keys:
"name" "address"
0> "deploymentone" "akash1f53fp8kk470f7k26yr5gztd9npzpczqv4ufud7"
Choose your key from the list [0]:

Example/expected prompt following successful CLI Booster initialization


Create Certificate

If this is your first time using the selected key, create a client certificate.