Akash Guidebook

List All Active Deployments


Expected/Sample Output

  • Select the associated number of a deployment to reveal greater details. At this time those details include listing the deployment’s current provider.
  • Select an instance to perform actions such as closing a deployment or accessing a deployment’s shell. The specific deployment must be selected prior to such actions and the selected deployment will be indicated in the CLI’s prompt.
[email protected]:~/akash-tools/cli-booster[http://akash-sentry01.skynetvalidators.com:26657][deploymentone][4815131-1-1]$ akash_deployments
Deployments you have accepted the bids for (i.e. have ran lease create).
Found the following active deployments:
"dseq" "gseq" "oseq"
0> "4815090" 1 1
1> "4815131" 1 1
Choose your deployment from the list [1]:
Selected 1: 4815131-1-1
Looking for a matching provider for this order...