Akash Guidebook

Send the Manifest

Upload the manifest using the values from above step:
provider-services send-manifest deploy.yml --dseq $AKASH_DSEQ --provider $AKASH_PROVIDER --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME

Confirm the URL

Now that the manifest is uploaded, your image is deployed. You can retrieve the access details by running the below:
provider-services lease-status --dseq $AKASH_DSEQ --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME --provider $AKASH_PROVIDER
You should see a response similar to:
"services": {
"web": {
"name": "web",
"available": 1,
"total": 1,
"uris": [
"observed_generation": 1,
"replicas": 1,
"updated_replicas": 1,
"ready_replicas": 1,
"available_replicas": 1
"forwarded_ports": {}
You can access the application by visiting the hostnames mapped to your deployment. Look for a URL/URI and copy it to your web browser.

View your logs

You can view your application logs to debug issues or watch progress like so:
provider-services lease-logs \
--dseq "$AKASH_DSEQ" \
--provider "$AKASH_PROVIDER" \
--from "$AKASH_KEY_NAME"