Akash Guidebook

Create an Account

Configure the name of your key. The command below will set the name of your key to myWallet, run the below command and replace myWallet with a name of your choice:
Verify you have the shell variables set up . The below command should return the name you've used:
We now need to point Akash to where the keys are stored for your configuration. To do this we will set the AKASH_KEYRING_BACKEND environmental variable.
Copy and paste this command into Terminal to create an Akash account:
provider-services keys add $AKASH_KEY_NAME
Read the output and save your mnemonic phrase is a safe place. Let's set a Shell Variable in Terminal AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS to save your account address for later.
export AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS="$(provider-services keys show $AKASH_KEY_NAME -a)"
Note that if you close your Terminal window this variable will not be saved.