Akash Guidebook

Create your Certificate

In this step we will create a local certificate and then store the certification on the block chain
  • NOTE - for those familiar with previous Akash CLI versions the following commands for cert creation have changed. We believe the new command sets in this version make steps more clear.
  • Ensure that prior steps in this guide have been completed and that you have a funded wallet before attempting certificate creation.
  • Your certificate needs to be created only once per account and can be used across all deployments.

Generate Cert

  • Note: If it errors with Error: certificate error: cannot overwrite certificate, then add --overwrite should you want to overwrite the cert. Normally you can ignore that error and proceed with publishing the cert (next step).
provider-services tx cert generate client --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME

Publish Cert to the Blockchain

provider-services tx cert publish client --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME