Create Akash Account and Certificate


The steps in this section should be followed if you have a pre-existing Akash account that needs to be imported.
If you do not have an Akash account and need to create one, follow the steps in this guide and then proceed with the step below.

Import Pre-Existing Account

  • Follow instructions to enter the account mnemonic after command is executed
akash keys add deploy --recover

Create your Certificate

In this step we will create a local certificate and then store the certification on the block chain
  • NOTE - for those familiar with previous Akash CLI versions the following commands for cert creation have changed. We believe the new command sets in this version make steps more clear.
  • Ensure that prior steps in this guide have been completed and that you have a funded wallet before attempting certificate creation.
  • Your certificate needs to be created only once per account and can be used across all deployments.

Generate Cert

  • Note: If it errors with Error: certificate error: cannot overwrite certificate, then add --overwrite should you want to overwrite the cert. Normally you can ignore that error and proceed with publishing the cert (next step).
akash tx cert generate client --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME

Publish Cert to the Blockchain

akash tx cert publish client --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME --gas-prices="0.025uakt" --gas="auto" --gas-adjustment=1.15