Akashlytics Deploy Installation

Before Getting Started

An Akash wallet with available mnemonic phrase will be needed.
Follow our Keplr Wallet guide to create your first wallet if necessary.

CPU Support

Only x86_64 processors are officially supported for Akash deployments. This may change in the future and when ARM processors are supported it will be announced and documented.

Akashlytics Deploy Installation

Software Access and Download Instructions

The Akashlytics Deploy software download may be initiated via the desired link below.
The Akashlytics Deploy project’s documentation may be found here.

MacOS Installation

STEP1 - Locate the Downloaded DMG File

  • After completing the download find the MacOS DMG in the Downloads directory.
  • Locate the DMG and double-click.

STEP2 - Move Akashlytics Deploy to the Applications Directory

  • After installation - MacOS will prompt the user to move the Akashlytics Deploy shortcut to the Applications directory
  • Drag and drop the Akashlytics Deploy icon into the Applications folder from the prompt

STEP3 - Launching the Tool

  • With the installation completed - open MacOS Finder and type “akashlytics deploy”
  • Double click the Akashlytics Deploy icon

STEP4 - Override MacOS Unidentified Developer Warning

When first launching Akashlytics Deploy your mac will have an “unidentified provider” warning preventing the application from launching. As this software is created, maintained by the Akash community and can be trusted as such. To get past this prompt do the following:
  • Click the Question Mark (“?”) icon provided on the warning message.
  • Press “Ok” to exit the warning message dialog box and follow the instructions that pop up.
  • Locate App within the MacOS Finder utility and Control-Click the icon
  • Select “Open”
  • You will be prompted with an “unidentified developer” dialog box
  • Click the “Open” button

Windows Installation

Note: The installation steps captured in the steps and screenshots that follow were conducted on a Windows Server instance but the application install should be nearly identical on other Windows Platforms (I.e. Windows 10).

STEP1 - Launch the Installer

  • Find the installer on your computer and double click

STEP2 - Windows Defender Warning

Depending on the Operating System version and installed/enabled security tools - Windows Defender may pop up with an “unrecognized app” message. As this software is created, maintained by the Akash community and can be trusted as such. We can get past this with the following steps.
  • Expand the available options on the warning prompt and select “Run anyway”
  • Feel free to use the default install options and follow the prompts.
  • On the last step of the install in the “Completing Akashlytics Deploy Setup” section - check the “Run Akashlytics Deploy” option (likely selected by default) and select “Finish”.