Akash Guidebook

Custom RPC Node

Specify a custom RPC or API node within Cloudmos Deploy by using the steps outlined in this section. The custom node option can point to a RPC node we have created and manage ourselves. Or we can point to an alternative public RPC node that was not selected by Cloudmos Deploy auto selection.

STEP 1 - Enable Custom Node Use

Begin by selecting Settings and then click the "Custom node" radio button

STEP 2 - Edit the RPC and API Nodes

Press the "EDIT" button to enter the screen where we can enter our preferred nodes

STEP 3 - Specify Preferred RPC and API Nodes

Use the Api Endpoint and Rpc Endpoint fields to define your own managed nodes or preferred public nodes. If you do not maintain your own nodes and want to select from a list of popular public nodes, choose from the RPC node list here and the API node list here.