Akash Guidebook

Initial Configuration

In this section we will configure the following:
  • Import an existing wallet
  • Create a certificate to interact with the Blockchain
STEP1 - Import Existing Wallet
  • The first thing you will need is a wallet with a mnemonic phrase you have access to.
  • In the tool you can choose a name for this wallet. This will not affect the functionality of the tool but is just an easy way to track what wallet is currently in use.
  • Next choose a password that you will remember for the wallet.
Note: The funds available in the pre-existing wallet instance should now be available to Cloudmos and displayed in the upper left corner of the application (52.943 AKT in the provided example)
Wallet Funding Note
If you are just getting started with Akash and need funds to experiment, please visit the Akash Faucet to receive initial AKT funds. An active GitHub account will be needed to grab funds from the faucet.
Wallet Deletion Note
Should a need arise to delete the wallet click the ellipsis (triple dot icon) to the right of the wallet instance on this screen and select the delete option.

STEP2 - Certificate Creation

When first launching the tool there will not be a valid certificate. To fix this select the ellipsis to the right of the Certificate status and click “Create Certificate”.