Funding your Account

This guide will walk you through funding an account on an Akash network. Funding your network account is, of course, crucial to using the network - all messages charge a transaction fee, and if you are deploying applications then the leases for that deployment are paid out of your account.

Before We Begin

You'll need to know information about the network you're connecting your node to. See Choosing a Network for how to obtain any network-related information.

Make sure to have Akash client installed on your workstation, check install guide for instructions.

You'll need a key to use for your account and your account address handy. See the wallet guide for how to set this up.

Shell Variables Required




Akash network configuration base URL. See here.


Akash network configuration base URL. See here.


The address of your account. See here.

Funding Method

There are a number of different ways to fund your account. Some work for mainnet and some don't; pick an appropriate option from below for the network you're connecting to.


Non-mainnet networks will often times have a "faucet" running - a server that will send tokens to your account. You can see the faucet url by running:

curl "$AKASH_NET/faucet-url.txt"

Go to the resulting URL and enter your account address; you should see tokens in your account shortly.

Purchasing Tokens


Tokens may currently be purchased on exchanges listed here. From there you can withdraw tokens to your address.

Check Balance

Check your account balance with

akash \
--node "$AKASH_NODE" \
query bank balances "$AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS"

You should see a non-zero entry containing uakt tokens!