Provider Networks

NOTE: Please use Mainnet for deployments. Testnet does not have providers today.

At any given time, there are a number of different Akash networks running for using in testing new nodes, providers, validators, and even deployments. The generally available networks are:




Akash Network mainnet network.


No providers available to bid at this time.


Testing the next mainnet version.

The ovrclk/net GitHub repository contains metadata about each available network. The format is standardized across the networks so that you can use the same method to fetch the information for any of them.

First determine the base URL ($AKASH_NET) for the network you want to connect to - use the line from below that corresponds with the network you want to connect to:

# mainnet
# testnet
# edgenet


AKASH_VERSION="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/version.txt")"

Chain ID

The akash CLI will recogonize AKASH_CHAIN_ID environment variable when exported to the shell.

export AKASH_CHAIN_ID="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/chain-id.txt")"


curl -s "$AKASH_NET/genesis.json" > genesis.json

Seed Nodes

curl -s "$AKASH_NET/seed-nodes.txt" | paste -d, -s

Peer Nodes

curl -s "$AKASH_NET/peer-nodes.txt" | paste -d, -s

RPC Node

Print a random RPC endpoint. The akash CLI will recognize AKASH_NODE environment variable when exported to the shell.

export AKASH_NODE="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/rpc-nodes.txt" | shuf -n 1)"

API Node

Print a random API endpoint

curl -s "$AKASH_NET/api-nodes.txt" | shuf -n 1

Testnet Faucet

The TestNet has a "faucet" running - a server that will send tokens to your account. You can see the faucet url by running:

curl "$AKASH_NET/faucet-url.txt"

Go to the resulting URL and enter your account address; you should see tokens in your account shortly.