Akash Guidebook

Mainnet8 Provider Upgrade Procedure


This is a comprehensive guide that covers the steps necessary to upgrade from Mainnet5 to Mainnet6 of Akash Network and Akash Provider components in a Kubernetes cluster.


This procedure does not apply to Praetor providers!

Praetor providers should wait for further upgrade instructions from Praetor team!

Provider Components to be Upgraded

  • provider-services is the main binary of the akash-provider, akash-hostname-operator, akash-inventory-operator, and akash-ip-operator helm charts
  • akash is the main binary of the akash-node helm chart

Mainnet6 Versions (Pre-Upgrade)

  • provider-services: 0.4.7
  • node: 0.26.0

Mainnet8 Versions (Post-Upgrade)

  • provider-services: 0.4.8
  • node: 0.28.2

Upgrade Procedure

IMPORTANT! Seek help if you encounter an issue at any step or have doubts! Please seek the support in the #providers Akash Network Devs Discord room here.

STEP 1 - Scale down to 0 replicas the akash-provider

This step is crucial to prevent unexpected behavior during the upgrade.
NOTE: The Akash Deployments will continue to run as usual while akash-provider service is stopped. The only impact is that users won't be able to perform lease-<shell|events|logs> against their deployments nor deploy/update or terminate them.
kubectl -n akash-services scale statefulsets akash-provider --replicas=0

STEP 2 - Upgrade the Helm Charts

Follow these steps to upgrade various Helm charts. Make sure you've backed up your existing Helm chart configurations.
Helm charts to be upgraded are: akash-node (aka RPC node), akash-provider, akash-hostname-operator, akash-inventory-operator, and akash-ip-operator.

2.1. Upgrade the Repo

helm repo update akash
Verify you can see the correct chart/app versions:
# helm search repo akash
akash/akash-hostname-operator 8.0.0 0.4.8 An operator to map Ingress objects to Akash dep...
akash/akash-inventory-operator 8.0.0 0.4.8 An operator required for persistent storage (op...
akash/akash-ip-operator 8.0.0 0.4.8 An operator required for ip marketplace (optional)
akash/akash-node 8.0.0 0.28.2 Installs an Akash RPC node (required)
akash/provider 8.0.0 0.4.8 Installs an Akash provider (required)

2.2. akash-node Chart

Take the current akash-node chart values:
helm -n akash-services get values akash-node | grep -v '^USER-SUPPLIED VALUES' > akash-node-values.yml
Upgrade your akash-node chart:
helm upgrade akash-node akash/akash-node -n akash-services -f akash-node-values.yml

2.3 akash-provider Chart

Take the current akash-provider chart values:
helm -n akash-services get values akash-provider | grep -v '^USER-SUPPLIED VALUES' > provider.yaml
helm upgrade akash-provider akash/provider -n akash-services -f provider.yaml
IMPORTANT: Make sure your provider is using the latest bid price script! Here is the guide that tells you how you can set it for your akash-provider chart. https://docs.akash.network/providers/build-a-cloud-provider/akash-cloud-provider-build-with-helm-charts/step-6-provider-bid-customization

2.4 akash-hostname-operator Chart

helm upgrade akash-hostname-operator akash/akash-hostname-operator -n akash-services

2.5 akash-inventory-operator Chart

Skip this section if your provider does not provide persistent storage.
Note: This is not a typo, we are installing the inventory-operator without the akash- prefix.
helm upgrade inventory-operator akash/akash-inventory-operator -n akash-services

2.6 akash-ip-operator Chart

Skip this section if your provider does not provide IP leasing.
Take the current akash-ip-operator chart values:
helm -n akash-services get values akash-ip-operator | grep -v '^USER-SUPPLIED VALUES' > akash-ip-operator-values.yml
helm upgrade akash-ip-operator akash/akash-ip-operator -n akash-services -f akash-ip-operator-values.yml

STEP 3 - Verify the Charts Have Been Upgraded

Perform these checks to ensure the upgrade was successful.
Run this command to check the pods and their versions within the akash-services namespace:
kubectl -n akash-services get pods -o custom-columns='NAME:.metadata.name,IMAGE:.spec.containers[*].image'
The charts upgrade went well, if you are seeing these images and versions:
  • provider and operator image is: ghcr.io/akash-network/provider:0.4.8
  • node image is: ghcr.io/akash-network/node:0.28.2
Example Result:
# kubectl -n akash-services get pods -o custom-columns='NAME:.metadata.name,IMAGE:.spec.containers[*].image'
akash-hostname-operator-86d4596d6c-pwbt8 ghcr.io/akash-network/provider:0.4.8
akash-inventory-operator-69464fbdff-dxkk5 ghcr.io/akash-network/provider:0.4.8
akash-ip-operator-6f6ddc47f8-498kj ghcr.io/akash-network/provider:0.4.8
akash-node-1-0 ghcr.io/akash-network/node:0.28.2
akash-provider-0 ghcr.io/akash-network/provider:0.4.8

Update your provider-services client

Make sure to update your local provider-services binary (aka the Akash client) if you had it installed.
Verify the version and the location using these two commands:
provider-services version
type -p provider-services
If you get anything below 0.4.8, then get the right binary from this page.