Akash Guidebook

Helm Based Provider Persistent Storage Enablement


At Akash we use the Kubernetes Rook Operator coupled with the Ceph distributed file system to provision Provider persistent storage.
Refer to the Akash Provider guide if your provider has not yet been built.
We encourage becoming familiar with Rook and Ceph prior to configuring Akash persistent storage via this guide. The current persistent storage use is based on the Rook Ceph helm chart.
Please take into consideration the following Akash recommendations:
  • Persistent storage should only be enabled on Kubernetes nodes that are NOT serving as control-plane/master nodes. This does not apply if you are running all-in-one node deployment.
  • Ceph will only deploy it’s BlueStore on unformatted volumes. A node must have unformatted volumes mounted to serve persistent storage capabilities.
  • Ceph uses BlueStore as its default backend to store the objects in a monolithic database-like fashion.
  • To read more on Ceph Architecture go here.
Get started within the following sections: