Akash Guidebook

Persistent Storage Requirements

Environment Overview

When planning persistent storage, take into account the network (between the storage nodes) as a factor which will cause the latency, causing slower disk throughput / IOPS. This might not be suitable for heavy IOPS applications such as Solana validator.
In this case the "all-in-one" provider configuration might be desirable to avoid the network affecting the storage performance. I.e. for the best disk performance, the pods should run where persistent storage has been deployed.
It is advised to run control-plane / etcd separately, for sake of performance and security. We recommend to benchmark your storage with this script before and after deploying Persistent Storage. This will help know the difference before starting to advertising your provider on the Akash network.

Environment Requirements

For hosting of persistent storage please note the following, strict requirements for production use.
At least three Ceph OSDs are normally required for redundancy and high availability.
Single storage node configuration
  • At least 3 HDD or SSD disks with 1 OSD per disk; (which makes a total 3 of OSDs)
  • At least 2 NVME disks with 2 OSDs per disk; (which makes a total 4 of OSDs)
Three storage nodes configuration
  • At least 1 HDD/SSD/NVME disk with 1 OSD per disk over 3 storage nodes; (which makes a total 3 of OSDs)

Maximum OSDs per single drive

  • HDD 1 OSD
  • SSD 1 OSD
  • NVME 2 OSDs

Additional Requirements

  • Minimum two Ceph managers
  • Minimum three Ceph monitors
  • Minimum recommended disk space at /var/lib/ceph/ is greater than 60 GiB as each Ceph Monitor (ceph mon) requires 60 GiB of disk space
  • Additional Ceph minimum hardware requirements may be reviewed in the following document:
  • Running multiple OSDs on a single SAS / SATA drive is NOT a good idea. NVMe drives, however, can achieve improved performance by being split into two or more OSDs.
  • Running an OSD and a monitor or a metadata server on a single drive is also NOT a good idea.

Ceph Prerequisites

In order to configure the Ceph storage cluster, at least one of these local storage options are required:
  • Raw devices (no partitions or formatted filesystems)
  • Raw partitions (no formatted filesystem)
  • PVs available from a storage class in block mode