Akash Guidebook

Kubernetes Cluster for Akash Providers


Akash leases are deployed as Kubernetes pods on provider clusters. This guide details the build of the provider’s Kubernetes control plane and worker nodes.
The setup of a Kubernetes cluster is the responsibility of the provider. This guide provides best practices and recommendations for setting up a Kubernetes cluster. This document is not a comprehensive guide and assumes pre-existing Kubernetes knowledge.
The Kubernetes Cluster created is then ready for the Akash Provider build detailed here.


The Kubernetes instructions in this guide are intended for audiences that have the following skills sets and knowledge.
  • Server Administration Skills - necessary for setting up servers/network making up the Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubernetes Experience - a base level of Kubernetes administration is highly recommended
Please consider using the Praetor application to build an Akash Provider for small and medium sized environments which require little customization.

Guide Sections