Akash Guidebook

Technical Support

Support Chat on Discord

The Akash server on Discord is a great place to find friendly help from the Akash developer community. Come say hello and ask a question!
For help with:
  • Deployments: Message the #deployments channel
  • Providers: Message the #providers channel
  • Validators: Message the #validators-mainnet channel

Security Issues & Bug Bounties

Akash will pay for finding security issues. If you find a security issue or bug and wish to report it to the core team privately, please send an email with all of the details.

Email Support

If you wish to submit a ticket via email, please Email [email protected] with all of the required information:
  • Account address
  • Deployment sequence
  • Group sequence if there is more than one group
  • Your deploy.yaml file
  • Provider address if it is specific to a provider