The incentivized testnet has completed - there are no more challenges to earn rewards from.

Thank you for your interest; stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in the future!

The Akashian Challenge Phase 3 will test and showcase Akash DeCloud’s deployment platform. Akashian Challengers will be incentivized to deploy applications using the Akash Network. Encompassing two weeks, Phase 3 will include guided challenges for deploying applications of increasing complexity — from simple single-page applications to blockchain network components, and open ended challenges where users can show off their Akash OPS skills by extending the guided examples to deploy any application they desire — from DeFi to CI.

There are additional rewards for participation outside of the deployment challenges, including contributions such as active validator participation, writing blog posts and how-to guides, and sharing novel uses of our platform.

The testnet will run on the edgenet network. See Choosing a Network for information on settings that are specific to this.