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The incentivized testnet has completed - there are no more challenges to earn rewards from.

Thank you for your interest; stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in the future!

Share your experience, thoughts, and know-how on Akash DeCloud to earn rewards from this testnet. This challenge supports community members that independently publish articles and guides related to the Akash Network. There are two categories of rewards available - an open-ended category where "anything goes" (we love to see content related to Akash), and also a category calling on our community to think hard about leveraging Akash's DeCloud as the infrastructure behind DeFi applications.

Here are some Anything Goes ideas for you to explore:

  • Discourse (Forum) - widely used forums used by crypto

  • Wiki JS (Wiki) - beautiful Opensource Wiki

  • Mattermost (Messaging) - Slack alternative

  • GitLab (CI / CD) - Alternative to Github

  • N8N ( Task Automation) - Alternative to Zapier

  • Ghost (Blogging) - Medium alternative

  • Jitsi (Private video conferencing) - Running en ephemeral Jitsi server would be the gold standard of private video conferencing

Submissions for this challenge will be accepted throughout the entire testnet period - Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020

Deadline: Dec 11, 2020






1500 AKT

Publish a guide on deploying an application (not DeFi).


1500 AKT

Publish a blog discussing deployment strategies for deploying secure applications on Akash DeCloud.


500 AKT

Publish blog on why DeCloud is important for DeFi.


300 AKT

Publish blog on your experience as a validator on Akash's testnet.


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