Using Lunie Web Wallet and Ledger


  • Ledger Device (Nano X or Nano S)

  • Supported Web Browser (Brave or Chrome)

  • ‚ÄčLedger Live installed on your workstation.

Setup Your Ledger

Before you can access your Akash wallet, please ensure the "Cosmos" app is installed on your Ledger. Follow the below of instructions:

  • Setup your Ledger if this is a brand new ledger. See "Ledger Start" page if you need help setting up your Ledger.

  • Open Ledger Live on your workstation.

  • Enable "Developer Mode" by accessing the "Settings" on Ledger Live.

  • Install "Cosmos" from Ledger Manager" (from the sidebar menu).

Setup your Akash Wallet

In this section, you will set up your non-custodial Akash Wallet.

  • Visit the Akash Lunie Wallet web app from your browser. You should see a menu option that looks similar to the image below.

  • Select the "Ledger Nano" option.

  • Click "Sign In" and permit your browser to access "Nano."

  • You should see a screen like below once you successfully authenticate using your Ledger.

  • Click on the "Copy" icon on top right corner (next to Show on Ledger) to copy your address to the clipboard. It should look something like akash1r72yxwn4w82pjmqyf7sy3544qh88falcelk6t5

Test Your Wallet

Lets try sending and receving a few test tokens from Akash Testnet.

  • Visit Akash Facet from your browser

  • Paste your Public Key in the address bar

  • You should see 1 AKT in your wallet on Ledger